1. When I learned all about Uber - Paris.


  2. Signing on as “Cadre”


  3. Tourist: “Where are you from?”. Me: “Milwaukee, Wisconsin”. Tourist: “Wow, your English is like REALLY good”.

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  4. The Parisians upon seeing that it has dipped under 60 degrees, and you are STILL not wearing your hat, mittens and 15-layered scarf.

    surprised gif photo: Surprised GIF surprised.gif


  5. When my Parisian neighbor literally turned his base and volume up when I very gently asked if he could turn it down at 2am…

    bon qui qui photo: Bon qui qui tumblr_lf3wi5jClA1qa4y3m.gif


  6. Just received an envelope from immigration. Inside? My working papers.


  7. My reaction to the waiter that refused to serve me a cheese plate with a Pastis because “en France, ca ne se fait pas”.


  8. When the Parisian man stopped only to laugh at me after watching me slip and fall in a big pile of Parisian dog doo.

    angry gif photo: shut up angry di image-5-2.gif


  9. Not fitting into a JAM PACKED metro only to see after that the aisles are completely clear


  10. Coming back after a national holiday, and listening to the French complain that their next vacation isn’t for another five whole weeks…

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  11. Seeing French men exercising in the park… in their jeans…

    shocked gif photo:  ryanwtf2.gif


  12. When tourists ask me if I know where the Eiffel Tower is

    gifs photo: no nope_zps3edb4ebb.gif


  13. Making the mistake of asking a French sales person if these pants look good on you…

    gifs photo: way harsh wayharsh_zpseedcdab3.gif


  14. When the doctor said to me “wow, your weight is amazing for an American”

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  15. Monday morning metro prep.